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Home of Original Handcrafted Silver and Gold Dumbbell Jewelry

The love and passion that has been poured into this Silver and Gold Handmade in USA Dumbbell Jewelry was a collaboration of the beautiful and creative hearts who love and believe in the Fit and Healthy Lifestyle In Style which it represents. From production to shipping, it is sent off with love to arrive safely into your loving hands. May this glistening one of a kind treasure be your reminder that dreams do become reality!

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Dumbbell Jewelry

Handmade in Downtown Los Angeles, Original Silver and Gold Dumbbell jewelry "Dumbbell Couture"... 

14K Gold Dumbbell Jewelry

Handmade for one of a kind journey, fine jewelry that will inspire... 

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    Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous and I just never want to take it off, it's that comfortable. I love that the bow is not a charm, so it does not slide to my back when I am in the gym or get caught in my hair, very well thought out! I love that it has weight to it, besides being so beautifully polished, I noticed it had a perfect weight to it, I was surprised. You can just feel the warmth of the silver and I can just imagine you creating it with your perfect nails, awesome funky glasses on, your bib overalls, and probably listening to some spiritual uplifting music.

    I am an original only dumbbell jewelry fan and a huge Galina Jewelry fan. Thank you for sharing your heart, your strength and love comes through your jewelry and I am honored you started me with my first piece! Now I am like a kid in a candy store!!!!

    Pamela Torbett

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    I met Galina years ago and have some of her very first jewelry but when she started Dumbbell Jewelry she didn't take it up a notch..she took it to a whole new world!  Also partly because of her, I started my own dumbbell journey and lost (in total) 40 pounds.  But my "gift" to myself was to get a piece from her when I hit 25 pounds.In May 2015 I got the "Majestic Light" ring and honest..not ONE day since then have I not worn it.  I love it love it love it.  Since then I've added earrings and 3 more rings and a necklace.  I get stopped on the streets by people complimenting me on the beautiful jewelry.  They are all different (not all dumbbells) so people always focus on different pieces, whatever speaks to them.  That only shows the vast appeal of her work.  A few days ago a waiter at a local restaurant actually stopped us from ordering as he stated "I MUST see your hands first".  It was great.Quality?  check.  Beauty?  Check.  Wearability?  Check  Galinatized?  Forever.  Magic? Totally!

    Kristy Graham

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    I own some of her very first pieces; pieces from when Dumbbell Jewelry was just in it’s infancy. I love each and every piece and they all hold special meanings to me. Dumbbell Jewelry means more to me than just a fitness or healthy lifestyle it is proof that dreams become reality and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Wearing her pieces is a reminder to myself that I can accomplish anything.  I never had a name for our relationship until she created her “Lifer” pieces with Chalene Johnson; Galina is a lifer. She gives 100% to everything and everyone she loves.
    Mimi Taylor